Total Safety - still a long way to go

TRS are proud of our outstanding performance keeping the Plant Reliability Rate above 98%, and having minimal minor accidents and no RIDDOR reportable accidents last year.

Despite the good figures TRS continually aim for development and are committed to further improve our plant reliability, accident and incident rates.

Close Call reporting remains at a low level. The company believes that we are still in a position where not all close calls are being reported. We ask all our employees to report any close call so that we can take the appropriate action in order to avoid a possible accident or incident.

As a part of our behaviour based safety campaign “Destination Total Safety” (launched in April 2013), we will continue informing our staff about the latest safety-related events, broadcast all those lessons learnt in order for everyone to understand and in doing so, involve them with this joint learning process.

To make it easier for everyone to access all the relevant safety information (e.g. bulletins, newsletter, company guidance etc.), we will be promoting our website by undertaking short, on-site, face-to-face briefings in the near future.

After these short briefings everyone will understand

  • how are they able to access our website,
  • what can be found under the employee section and why, and
  • how every single person is able to contribute to our Destination Total Safety campaign by sending us
    • their feedback on any issue,
    • information they feel important to share with us
    • any concern they might have regarding any type of safety issue.

Besides our efforts to familiarize our staff with the possibilities of using the website, we carry out site visits and safety tours regularly and will continue doing so in the future with increasing frequency.

We are certain that these actions will contribute to the successful implementation and continuous improvement of our Destination Total Safety campaign.