TRS Invest in More Road-Rail plant

TRS are continuing to expand our fleet of road-rail vehicles with the purchase of 15 new Doosan heavy lift RRVs, each machine will be a multifunctional machine with either 2.1m or 5.5m dippers giving TRS the largest fleet of long reach RRVs in the country.

Each machine is RIS1530 Issue 5 compliant with height and slew restrictors fully compliant with ALO system 3, able to tow 100T and has a full size two man cab, providing plenty of space for the Machine Controller during travel to the work site.

In addition to this we have also purchased 12 new 400kg RRV MEWPs with the first four arriving before Xmas.

DX140 twin bendy boom

The first of its type in the world the DX140 RRV Z Boom (twin bendy boom) will seriously reach parts that no other can.

Completely compliant with ALO system 3 this is the machine of the future for drainage works allowing full utilisation in midweek windows.

A significant lifter this machine can also lift its own trailers and the 7 sleeper baler making it truly multifunctional.

This is the first of 4 machines planned for TRS with the rest due to follow in 2015\2016

RW14-400kg MEWP

As part of TRS’s multimillion pound investment into its fleet the first of a 12 strong order of the 400kg RW14 MEWPs have arrived in the country.

TRS have taken the venerable DX270 to new heights with a fleet of 15 new machines.

Reaching further than ever before this machine will now go to 11m with an arm to suit any task as following close collaboration between GOS \TRS these are the first long arms in the UK designed to accept the lateral twists involved in piling.